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Will I need a domain name to sign up for a hosting account?

Yes, you will need a domain name to sign-up and make use of our web hosting service. Your domain name can be registered elsewhere.

How many emails can I send?

We have a maximum email limit of 250/hour. Emails sent must also follow the Can Spam Act.

Are my databases, email accounts and sub-domains unlimited?

Yes. You can setup an unlimited amount of databases, email accounts and sub-domains providing your hosting account has the disk space available to do so.

Can you move my website to Wibzo for free?

Yes, we can transfer your website/blog to our servers at no extra cost providing your old host is using cPanel. We cannot guarantee success if your current host is not using cPanel but we are always happy to try. We highly recommend keeping your existing account activate until after you have updated your nameservers and confirmed that your website is working as expected.

Where are your servers located?

All of our hosting accounts are housed on servers located at SoftLayer data-center (Texas, USA).

Do You Offer Free Hosting?

We do not provide free hosting but we do offer a 7 day free web hosting trial.

Can I track visitors to my website?

Yes, all of our web hosting plans come with free site statistic programs. We can also install Google Analytics for free! This is the leading statistics program in the industry and best of all it’s free. If you would like us to install Google Analytics on your website, blog or forum please submit a support ticket.

Can I create an online store?

Yes you can! All of our hosting accounts come with 4 popular shopping cart software. These include Magento, OSCommerce, Zen Cart and CubeCart. You can install one or more of these programs to your web hosting account in just a few clicks using Softaculous. In order to safely run an online store you will need a SSL and Dedicated IP Address. These can be purchased by submitting a support ticket.

Can I host adult, warez, proxy sites or illicit sites or content?

Warex/Warex linking and proxy sites are not allowed on our servers due not complying with USA laws. Proxy sites are not allowed as they tend to cause high load on the server which isn’t suitable for shared hosting. We do allow adult websites as long as the content is legal and does not breach any copyright laws. For a full list of our terms please take a look at our Terms Of Service.


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